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The iNAPS mission is to grow the peer support profession by promoting the inclusion of peer specialists throughout healthcare and other community systems world-wide. We have the vision that peer support is a viable option for anyone who wants the mutuality of a compassionate peer support relationship. It is our desire that this peer support registry supports that mission and vision.

Peer Specialist promote a strengths-based model: “Recovery is knowing who you are and using your strengths to become all that you were meant to be.” RI International

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Become part of the registry

This registry is an opportunity for you to connect with other peer specialists or recovery coaches in your area, around your country or throughout the world. It is also a way in which you can display your life work so that employers can seek you out if desired. We know that a peer support workforce that is connected will have opportunities to learn and grow with fellow peer specialists. We are stronger together!

“Peer support is about being an expert at not being an expert, and that takes a lot of expertise!”

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Peer supporters near you

Find colleagues in our profession who live near you or across the country! Form a network to dialogue, learn and grow while promoting the profession of peer support.